Sunday, November 09, 2008

I figure I'll just keep posting till I run out of things to say...

So I have spent the last 4 days relaxing and cleaning, which is a form of relaxation for me.
I have cleaned out drawers, organized clothes, found things I thought I'd lost, and watched a lot of movies. It has been so wonderful. It reminds me of my life before school. Speaking of school, I love technology because I found a BUNCH of sources for my two papers due in the next couple of weeks online and therefore just put them on hold and will pick them up from the ASU library tomorrow - thank you ASU library for being awesome. If you are wondering one paper is on Courtly love as it relates to the tales of King Arthur and the other paper is covering the relations between Christians and Jews during WWII in occupied France - both topics are of my own choosing and both papers I am SUPER excited about - mostly because I rock at source finding (I think it stems from my gift of google searching and being nosey).

But anyway, back to my amazing cleaning/organizing skills... here they are - the long awaited peek at my apartment (minus my roommate Emily's room). Enjoy.

P.S. got an email from my professor tonight that I received the highest grade in my class on my debate paper - 196/200. This paper is one of two papers worth 200 pts, which will be a HUGE chunk of my grade (the other 200pt paper is the one about Jews & Christians in Vichy France). ! I also got grades from 2 other assignments I have been waiting to get back in that class - 50/50 and 47/50. She said I was doing great work!!! YAY!!

P.P.S. Next to come in a post: the results of my mock packing (I packed EVERYTHING I will be taking with me to London to see if I could fit it all in my suit cases).


linda t said...

You have such a gift for making the apartments you have lived in... a home. A very lovely home.

How fun that you have these to look back on... and scrap.

Wonder where God has you once you get back from England...

It's all in His timing... His plans... His delight in surprising you... as you trust Him in the journey.

Skerrib said...

You remind me of my friend Katrina. She, too, is a creative and artsy-type, and cleans as a form of relaxation, or catharsis, or something.

Way to go on your projects! Grades are not everything...but it's nice when you can relax and know you did just fine. And you did great!

Skerrib said...

Oh and DIG the orange retro chair. What's its story?

Jason Ellis said...

Remanda- your place looks so cute, can I say cute, yes I can, I will, I did. Totally looks like you've made it you and home! Way cool.

The Vint Family said...

Hi Miranda!
This is Stephanie Vint. C0424!! Remember me?! I had you as a myspace friend and noticed you had a blog so I came to check it out! :) How are you doing?! I have been back to the school only 4 times since I graduated to get a massage...but I haven't seen you.:(
Hope things are well. It sounds like you are very busy and how amazing that you get to go to England!!
God bless! Hope to hear from you soon.

The Vint Family said...

p.s- your place is SO cute and it totally fits you! :)