Saturday, May 31, 2008

ASU, here I come!!

So I actually enrolled in Classes at ASU!! I am official starting their Aug 26th. I have only Tuesday and Thursday classes from 10:30am - 6:30pm (straight!!) My class load is as follows, for those who are wondering:

History 300 - France and WWII - Required as a history major
Spanish 202 - ugh... this one is required and I am hyperventilating about failing this class
History 101 - Global History since 1500 - I needed a history outside US and Europe
Religious Studies 394 - Poetry and Poetics of the Psalms - this will count as a related fields credit
Dance 130 - Ballet I - excited to get somewhat of a work out

Here are some pictures that I have been hoarding in my camera for the last 3 weeks...

Oak Creek Canyon... this picture is SO pretty

Jeannette, Nicole, and I at Kali's bridal shower!

Dance Dance Revolution at Dave & Busters last night - turns out kind of hard and kind of lame.

I'm a white girl... so it is only expected that I apparently bite my lower lip when I dance.

there you have it... nothing too exciting on the picture front.

I did get to hang out with Shawn and Nicole tonight... and of course my beautiful niece. It was nice to spend time with them. I got to spend some quality one-on-one time with Miss Emy and made her smile a couple times... highlight of my week!!


ATS said...

i took the history of the vietnam war and it was awesome ...

also- i got your text ... it was just an English class - children's lit. I think it's only offered in the spring.

Nicole T said...

Thanks for coming over. Sorry Emolyn pooped on you! She normally has better manners!

Skerrib said...

Nice dancing's better than I can do, I assure you. Reese already has better skillz than I.

kristen said...

Congrats on getting in enrolled! Joe is going in the fall and I keep telling him he needs to go enroll. Okay so did you only take 1 picture the whole time camping?hehe!

brandi said...

Thanks for the comment Miranda. Spamalot was fantastic!!! Better than I could describe. The lady beside Aaron reminded him of Grandma Larson and laughed just like her. It was so fun. Good luck with school. I hope you get to go to Europe. That will be so exciting. Aaron and I were just talking about things we did before we had kids and decided we didn't do anything and wished we had. So do it for us!