Thursday, May 15, 2008

I'm going Camping!!!

I haven't been camping - and I'm talking tent camping - in SO MANY years. I think I was 12 or 13 last time I went. So this weekend I am so excited to be spending the weekend at Oak Creek - or is it IN Oak Creek? Anyway, our college aged group is going, and I really am looking forward to spending time in nature, with friends, God, and a book - Prince Caspian which I'll be starting tonight.

I watched The Office tonight. I had a bunch of people over for the momentous season finale... and my heart aches. So funny, so shocking, and so... sigh. Andy Bernard will burn for what he's done!!! He definitely got what he deserves.


NanAZ said...

I watched the Office after we got home from Home Group. I couldn't wait any longer. You're right, shocking and sad in so many ways. I love the story line with Kevin though. Very funny, as always!

Have fun camping!

kristen said...

Don't forget your barbies! What is a camping trip without them...oh wait thats right we are in our 20's now! What a fun trip!

in reply to your comments...

I would so love to move closer to you we would be such good pals! Why oh why does my family have to live in the hottest/coldest places in america!

Skerrib said...

Ah, Michael Scott...sort of like the tail end of Dumb & Dumber, yes?

I do love The Office.

Jake, Holly and McKenzie said...

oak creek is SOO beautiful! jake and went there for our anniversary this year! (of course we stayed in a hotel...) haha but you will have SOOOO fun! and thank you for reading my blog! i totally check your so much! i don't want to lose touch with my Miranda! lets go out soon!!! have fun camping!