Thursday, May 22, 2008

Told my boss about going to ASU this fall... went well, but I'm not hopeful about staying there... but I'd love to stay until the end of the year. I do have to start thinking about other job possibilities in case it doesn't work out for me to cut down my hours.

Here are some of my options for job:
1. Teaching assistant at ASMT - I probably could only do at most 4 classes a week.

2. Work on campus at ASU - I have no idea doing what and although it may cut down the price of tuiton, I don't know if it would be enough to take care of bills

3. Nanny - I have no idea how to go about this... maybe I'll check with an agency.

I need more ideas please... comment with your thoughts.

Other than that - camping was fun, finals week at school is hectic. The Instructors moved into a bigger office and for the first time in the two years I've worked there, I get my own desk and cubical. Super fun to not have to keep my stuff in one tiny drawer and worry about another person thinking I'm too messy.

I am also looking into study abroad programs in England - SUPER EXPENSIVE, but the cheaper countries, you need a foreign language requirements. I am trying to find the cheapest one the closest to London. But I'm looking upwards of $30,000. I'm searching within the $15,000. So keep that in your prayers as well... University of Kent is looking promising - $19,000 (including tuition).

That's all I got for now.


kristen said...

hey I know of a great nanny job! ha!

NanAZ said...

You should contact Sharon Haugen about jobs at ASU. She can keep her eyes and ears open for you and maybe even get you in where she works. They would love having you there!

Skerrib said...

I think your ideas for the Talking Jesus accessories were fantastic. You could patent the Judas and be set for years, I'm sure.

I have no idea what people pay, but you could look into library and/or bookstore work for more flexible hrs. I did a co-op job thru grad school so if ASU offers a co-op program you can look into that.

But I like the Judas idea best.

Angie in AZ said...

You'd be a GREAT nanny! And OMG, if you can, in any way, get abroad for school, jump at the chance. Once you get married and settle down, opportunities like that seem to fly out the window.