Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Things that rock my world!!

inspired by my awesome cousin Kristen.

* list making and crossing things off
* dresses with pockets!!!
* movie nights
* rolling over in bed to a cool spot in the pillow
* The Office
* dressing up really fancy (hair, make up, nice dress and shoes)
* travel guides to foreign countries
* bike riding
* road trips with awesome music
* Instyle magazine
* sleeping in
* nesting in my apartment - cleaning and making it cozy for me
* Super Target
* my niece Emolyn
* movies with sword fights
* the thought of living in England next year
* Jim Halpert
* weddings and bridal showers
* new purse from Africa - thanks Kendra!
* Flight of the Conchords
* laughing so hard that no sound is coming out
* Disneyland - specifically the front of main street where you can see the row of shops and the castle in the distance... that's my favorite spot.
* dancing around my apartment while i'm getting ready in the morning
* Jane Austen novels and movies
* cucumbers
* emails
* Sex and the City - yay movie
* the feeling of accomplishment
* Google and wikipedia - I look up everything!!
* libraries
* looking up at the stars - when I can see them. In phoenix there aren't many stars to be seen.
* Flight of the conchords
* anything in damask pattern
* daydreaming
* Redeeming Love (novel by Francince Rivers)
* singing at the top of my lungs in my car

List of songs I am currently playing over and over again...
* "American Girl" - by Tom Petty
* "The Call" - by Regina Spektor (last song in Prince Caspian)
* "The Highwayman" - by Loreena McKennit (one of my favorite poems)
* "Indiana" - by John McLaughlin
* "Capitol City" - by Matt Wertz
* "Nothing Better to do" - by Leanne Rimes
* "Ain't No Other Man" - by Christina Aguilara (it sounds like something from the 1930's but at the same time so new... and it's fun)

by the way... this is the college that I may very well be attending in the Spring... it's right outside of London!


linda t said...

What a fun list Miranda!
You will love looking back on that list in 20 years.
You know your self so well.
Love that about you!

kristen said...

so fun!

Okay so I will be visiting you if that is where you will go to school!

I love flipping my pillow over when I sleep!

Nicole T said...

Im glad Flight of the Conchords made the list, twice! You know Shawn saw them at work!

NanAZ said...

Great list! I'll have to do one of my own.

When will you know for sure if you are going to England?

Our niece, Lisa just got back from her trip to Europe. I hear she wants to live in London now! You'll have to check out her blog, http://www.lcstratt.blogspot.com/ when she gets it updated. I think you two would get along well. Have you met her at our house?