Monday, May 12, 2008


I just called ASU and switched my major to History - I was declared a major in interdisciplinary studies if you remember, but that major is only offered online... I don't want to go to school online - 1. because I'm not disciplined enough to work like that and 2. because it entirely defeats the purpose of GOING BACK TO SCHOOL in my mind.

So tomorrow I will be called in set up an appointment with the History department to hopefully get everything all squared away so I can start classes.

I also need to do my FAFSA forms (although I doubt I'll get any money from the government). Hopefully all this will be squared away before Friday (I don't know why that's my deadline - it just is).

I have decided my major will be history, with the focus on European History - specifically WESTERN European History: England, France, Spain, Germany, etc. It sounded like fun and got my heart all excited when I read about it - so I'm going with that.

I have the day off tomorrow (except for a night class which starts at 6pm) so I am excited to get some cleaning and stuff done.

Just got a call from ASU and I need Measles immunizations - fun... I don't have a doctor - need one of those, huh - anyone know a good doctor?
But I have an appointment on Thursday morning 9:30am. YAY!! Maybe someone will help me finally - I am not happy with this ASU process already - hopefully once I'm in it'll get easier - but they are not very helpful to outsiders.

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ATS said...

FYI - I got my measles immunization at ASU ... their little medical center there (on University, east of the LL building). ... I think it was like $30 and I got a same-day appt. You should call there.