Friday, June 06, 2008

So I am heading out tomorrow for Flagstaff for Kali Kuyper's and Caleb Lynch's wedding... 10 years in the making (seriously they have been together since they were 12... it is such a sweet story!!). I have spent almost every Christmas Eve with the Lynch family - their like family to us. It is so fun to think about this wedding tomorrow.

I am heading up super early in the morning because I am doing all the bridesmaid's hair (all 7 of them). Luckily it is an easy hair style... sneek peak here:

So that is much of my weekend...

I also am definitely quitting my job. Talked to over with my boss of course and I will definitely be sticking around as a teaching assistant and substitute when needed. I will definitely be needing to find another part time job to make up the difference with my expenses, and will be definitely cutting back on said expenses - it'll be an adjustment, but good adjustments... more details on that probably next week.

Looking to staying in England over next summer as well as through the spring... I figure if I'm over there already, I may as well take as much advantage of it as I can. I still haven't decided on a spring program (I have a college I keep coming back to, but I really can't decide... I keep considering if I want to be in the city of the country... probably city - I'm a city girl... and as much as I love Jane Austen Novels, the country lifestyle would probably be super boring). The summer class I definitely want to take is in Westminster London England. It's walking distance from Buckingham Palace and Westminster Abbey and London's West End. The class, which if even better than school location, is "London's Musical Theater". Basically we will study musical theater history - vaudville, Roger's and Hammerstein, all the way to Wicked and Lord of the RIngs the musical - that's right LOTRs his a London musical. Also, part of the class is we'll get to g back stage at some musicals... SWEET!!!

Amy, I know you're drooling :)


Skerrib said...

Mmm...yeah, I'd probably go with the city too, being new to the place and all. You can always take short trips out to the country.

Have you been to England before? I went once...didn't see nearly enough, but I loved it!

Pretty hair--say hi to everyone for me. =)

kristen said...

I am super thrilled for you and I hope all the details work out for you! You can't leave until we come to Arizona so I guess we have to come this fall...which I was already wanting to but now its a must.

NanAZ said...

England sounds like a blast. I'm sure you'll love it!

Yeah, I'm jealous.