Sunday, June 22, 2008

Lack of photos

I missed church today... I am about 30min late and so now it isn't worth going. I really wanted to go, but alas I slept in too long and then took too long to get ready to go. It'll be even harder when I live in phoenix and will have a 30min drive instead of a 5min drive.

Went out dancing last night with my friend Marie and her husband. It was really fun. And Marie talked me into Karaoke... which I think I did terrible at, but marie said I was fine. I pulled out the old "Let's Hear It For The Boy". I couldn't hear myself on stage so I know I was pretty off key. It was lame... Karaoke is not my thing.

I have no pictures to share with you... nothing I have done in the last couple of weeks merits photography. I could just take random photos of myself or my apartment, but you've seen it all before :)
I think I may have to plan a "Random Picture Day" with some friends. I use to do this in high school when I needed to finish off a roll of film (remember film, haha). So I think I'm gonna get some friends together and have a photo shoot in a park or target (the target pictures are fun, because you get props). Anyway... hopefully if I do that soon, you'll have pictures to enjoy.

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Skerrib said...

Miranda, I've tagged you.