Monday, June 09, 2008

Weekend pictures...

The day started early with my two hour drive to Flagstaff. I was in charge of doing the bridesmaids' hair!! So exciting and a little nerve-racking. But once I did the first persons hair is was WAY easy and really fun. Kali was one of the most laid back brides I've ever seen. Enjoy the pics...

It takes quite an entourage to get a bride ready... everyone did such a great job.

Amy was a wedding planner extraordinaire!! She did such a great job planning out the whole day... it was so laid back and easy-going

These pictures are always my favorite... they just make me smile - it's not all glamour :) This is was sisters/maid-of-honors are for

Kali's dress was made for her, just so you know. It was based off one she saw in a bridal shop... but they altered it a little... it was so incredibly beautiful!!!

The bridesmaids... I did all their hair - kind of proud

The groomsmen

Mr. and Mrs. Lynch

Emy made her public debut at the wedding... she did so well - she slept for most of it.

and of course... the peanut


kristen said...

You did a great job on the hair! What a beautiful dress... love the VW.

NanAZ said...

What a beautiful wedding! Perfectly comfortable, but beautiful. I'm sure the wedding party was jazzed to be so casual with clothes they could ACTUALLY wear after the wedding.

Great job Miranda!

Nicole T said...

The bridesmaids hair were fantastic, so much hair! Can't wait to see Kelsies wedding photos!