Saturday, June 14, 2008

Tales from a converted Eco-friendly tree hugger...

okay, so I don't hug trees... well, not regularly ;) But I am trying to be better to the earth - not that the earth has been all that friendly to me (it's 110 degrees outside today and I feel like my blood vessels are going to explode from over heating). Anyway, every time I go shopping my heart sinks with the thought of getting 50,000 more plastic bags to store in my pantry until I re-use them or get to a recycling bin. So next to the cash register I picked up some re-usable grocery bags... and I felt so proud of myself for being so "green". I even fit ALL of my groceries into just two bags because their so spacious. It was great to not have 1,000 plastic bags to spread out over my back seat. I just felt so good about myself :)

Aside from that, I am just trying to clean my apartment... I can't seem to get into the groove of organizing and cleaning. I'll sometimes have this surge of cleanliness and I'll clean until this place could be shown in a magazine... but on days like today (I'm blaming the heat) I can seem to get up the energy.

I am still very indecisive about college prospects in England... and very disappointed in Financial Aid prospects.

Also here are some pictures of our "Halloween in June/Friday the 13th Pool Party" put on by the college group :)

Clark as a guys from the discovery channel show - deadliest catch
Nicole as a cowgirl, Emolyn as a baby
Tyler was Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt in Fight Club)... I did the eye make-up. Ben was not dressed up
I styled myself after Rachel McAdams from The Notebook... Meredith was Superman (the t-shirt)
Shawn was "a guy who shops at Metro Center" and again Emolyn as a baby

Bailey the Lynch's dog... she posed for the camera - dead serious.
Rebekah and I
Joel with our Pirate ship Pinata
Our Pinata prizes... reminded me of the rewards you got from the dentist


NanAZ said...

Hey Miranda,

I keep forgetting to tell Joel that the group can use our house for a pool party if interested. Would you let him know?

Nicole T said...

Emolyn wasn't just a baby she was a "sassy wahini". She had on a hawaiian outfit!