Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Summer Ball!!

Phoebe and mine's reason for scheduling our European Adventures a week apart was in order to be able to go to the RoHo Summer Ball!!! It is the event of the year apparently and we were not going to miss it! Phoebe even bought a dress in Paris for the occasion while I brought my $11 dress from Forever21 all the way over from the State for this very occasion!!

The entire day was spent preparing for the ball... hair, make up, manicure, pedicure, etc... all in the comfort of my dorm room while outside in the Quad tents were being put up and sound checks were being had! I even did Phoebe's hair and make up... she looked stunning!! We modeled her look after Gwyneth Paltrows in Sliding Doors... I think it works

Here's me... pretty standard to most formal occasions I go to...

And both of us actually at the Ball!

There was a Ferris Wheel that spins around, bumper cars, a BBQ tent, 3 bar tents, live music from English bands I had never heard of, but mine and Phoebe's favorite spot was the dance tent! We got our dance on like mad women!

We also enjoyed some cocktails with friends!

Me and Charley

My DEAR friend Carla and I (her and I DO NOT have enough pictures together!! But she is coming to AZ hopefully next March for a visit!!)

It was really fun, but not enough fun to stay up till 6am!! Phoebe and I kept saying that we felt like we were at a High School prom with alcohol openly served... people were making out in the corner... there just wasn't that classy "English Ball" feel to it... they shouldn't call it a ball... they should call it a carnival! All the boys looks lovely in their tuxes though.
Another unfortunate component was the rain... and the cold... and the cold, wet rain!!
Phoebe and I made it till 3am and then we were spent... My room however faces out onto the North Quad where half the ball was being held, so even back in my room it sounded like I was still in the middle of the dance floor! Phoebe and I decided to drag my mattress into her room on the other side of the building where it was quieter... in the process we were so giggly that we dropped it several times... at one point I leaned forward too much when I dropped it and proceeded to do a somersault right on top of it... this resulted with Phoebe and myself sprawled on the floor with tears and laughter completely unable to contain ourselves... this is when a random girl walked by and Phoebe and I roared with laughter again thinking about what she must think of 2 girls crying with laughter on the floor in the middle of the hallway with a mattress... priceless moment!


linda t said...

Beautiful ladies! Did you dance to "Single Ladies"? Ha!
Seriously, you are both stunningly beautiful!
Way to go out with a bang at the summer ball!

NanAZ said...

You both looked gorgeous! The dresses fit you perfectly too. I can just imagine the "hallway" incident. Sounds like a great time!