Sunday, June 07, 2009

Finishing up England...

I am trying desperately to finish up some blogging before I embark upon my final Europe Journey and then back home to Phoenix!

Here is some of the events of the last week since my return home from Europe Part I
Phoebe and I went into London on Tuesday to see a Performance of Romeo & Juliet at the Shakespeare Globe theater!! Along the way I got my hair highlighted on the whim... a salon in Egham was advertising a discounted highlights job in the window as we walked by... they were able to get me in RIGHT THEN!!
Phoebe and I took tons of random pictures on the train
My Shakespeare pose

Some good shots of Phoebe

The Millennium Bridge by The Globe

Phoebe and I went to the gift shop before the show to get our souvenirs... we decided to get pins to show our loyalty to either the Capulets or the Montagues... I chose Capulets. Phoebe and I cheered when our team went on stage

The Globe

The next day Phoebe and I went to Hampton Court because Phoebe had never been. I was SO excited about it being sunny when I woke up because I had yet to go to Hampton Court when it wasn't cloudy and almost rainy... UNFORTUNATELY when we finally got off the train it was overcast!! God does NOT want me to see this place in the sun!
Phoebe and I took a tour of some of the rooms with a guided tour and as part of that we got these cool robes to wear around for the day... while most people quickly returned them after the tour ended, Phoebe and I continued to wear them the rest of the time. We liked to whip them around as we left each room and pretend like they were long dresses that we had to hold up while we walked up the stairs

Sadly this was the best part of Hampton Court this day... after seeing Versailles in France, nothing can compare.
We did however FINALLY get our Cream Tea we had been searching for all over England. It seemed that every time we wanted some a shop would be closed... but Hampton Court did us proud in this respect

And back to playing with our robes

On thursday we went into London for Phoebe's haircut, some souvenir shopping, and a goodbye to London!
While Phoebe got her hair cut I got to head over to St Paul's Cathedral one last time and sit under the Dome and have some good quality quiet time! I sat and cried for 20 minutes in that beautiful church swaying from "I don't want to leave" to "I can't believe I got to come here in the first place." It was really a sweet time for me to just pour all of my nerves and fears and excitements on to God... Afterwards I felt this incredible peace about all of it that has stayed with me even till now... I will so dearly miss this place, but it has been an incredibly full experience and I still cannot believe God saw fit to give me this time and take me on this journey... it has far surpassed anything my wildest dreams could have conjured up. I am a truly blessed and loved child of my Sweet and Glorious Savior!!!

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NanAZ said...

I'm so glad that you had this chance to experience all this. I'm sure that you will NEVER regret it and will be sharing stories about it to your children's children.