Sunday, June 07, 2009

Before I leave tomorrow...

So my big bags are safely in Ashford with a kind woman from Carla's church named joyce who I will be staying with when I return to england for one night. My computer is safely at Phoebe's friend Tamsin's house - I will retrieve it from Phoebe when she meets me at the airport before I depart to Phoenix... and so now I am sitting in the computer lab printing off all mine and Phoebe's confirmations for hotels and flights around Europe... it is my last night here! My last night at Royal Holloway!! I am planning on a dinner at founders of Lamb with mint Sauce (very english) then I'll probably take a stroll around the grounds and say a proper farewell.

While I am away in Europe these next 2 weeks be sure to check out my facebook page, those who are friends with me and I'll be letting you know where I am at...
But for those of you who do not have facebook, here is the rough itinerary for the next 13 days!!!

Miranda and Phoebe’s Europe Trip – Part 2!

8th June

Flight from London to Madrid:
LEAVE - 9:40am
Museo del Prado
Plaza del Sol

9th JuneAttractions:
Palacio Real
El Rastro
Pl. Mayor
Parque del Retiro
Plaza de Toros de las Ventas

10th June
Flight from Madrid to Florence

Il Duomo
Bell Tower
Ponte Vecchio

11th June

Palazzo Vecchio
Piazza della Signoria
Santa Croce
Galleria Delgi Uffizi
Galleria Dell’ Academia

12th June
Train from Florence to Pompei
Train from Florence to Naples
Train from Naples to Pompeii


13th June

Palazzo Reale
Castel Nuovo

14th June
Flight from Naples – Milan – Athens

15th – 19th June


19th June
Return from Cruise

Tower of the Winds
Ancient Agora
Temple of Olympian Zeus

20th June

Finish up from yesterday and shop

21st June
Flight from Athens to London

ARRIVE - 2:50pm

That’s all folks! Thanks for playing!


Skerrib said...

Godspeed Miranda!

Aaron said...

The travels continue -- good form!

NanAZ said...

sounds like more amazing memories to come. I hope you love the cruise. It should be very relaxing and so easy to enjoy the sights since you don't have to move your stuff around from place to place. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

Be careful in Spain..... my niece had her ID and bag stolen outside a hostel..

leonore said...

Ah I should've mentioned before... Plaza del Sol is totally lame and under construction! Practically the whole thing is boarded up.