Monday, June 22, 2009

Book ends...

I remember 6 months ago sitting in Sky Harbor airport awaiting this adventure… I was so nervous and full of anxiousness for the unknown that would await me in England… 6 months later I am sitting here looking back on what can only be described as the journey of a lifetime. I have lives 200 people’s lives in this last 6 months. I cannot begin to wrap my head around why the God of the Universe would deem to love me SO MUCH and bless me beyond my wildest imagination!! What a gift, what a fabulous, amazing, breathtaking, extraordinary gift. What a loving, beautiful, perfect, majestic, and perfect God I serve, who would love me so perfectly. I am humbled, honored, and elated to have been given an opportunity to experience His love for me SO fully!!
So what do I do now as I begin my journey home? I am not saying I am finishing an adventure, but I want to see my return home as the beginning of a NEW adventure – embarking upon a new chapter in my life. I have no idea what God has in store for me upon my return. In fact I feel very much like I have reached the climax of a story and find only blank pages from here till the end… but I am more than happy to rest in the fact that Gods plan is ALWAYS more fulfilling than my own… ALWAYS perfect and beyond expectation. But one thing I can say for the remainder of my life – I have seen too much to settle for anything less than the abundant life God has for me… I have seen how He goes beyond my ambitions and dreams and blesses me with SO MUCH MORE, so how could I do anything less than surrender all ambition, hopes, plans, and dreams into His capable and loving hands.

I said goodbye to Phoebe… this is in fact NOT goodbye, because I’ll see her on skype at the end of the week, but I realize I have spent almost EVERYDAY with her since my second day here!! Aside from the 2 weeks when my parents were here and I went to Germany, Phoebe and I have seen each other EVERYDAY! What can I say about this girl… she has become my very BEST FRIEND!!! She is spectacular!!! When I return home and try to convey to you all the amazing fun time I have had over here, no one will really be able to understand except for God and her! She has been such an amazing blessing to my life – not just London, but my whole life!!! I thank God so often for bringing her along and, again, answering my prayers for a friend with someone I could never have dreamed up! She and I keep reminding each other that this time at home is only a pit stop to please the family with our presence and build up our bank accounts for our next adventure!! Which I think is going to be southern Spain, or we may do Greece again cause we LOVED it SO MUCH!

**Phoebe – I know I told you this already, but England would have been nothing without you! You have changed my life and I think the world of you!!!! I miss you and can’t wait to see you on skype by the end of the week!!!

Alright – I have to go… I’ll be on Phoenix soil in 18 hours!!

(Posts about Europe #2 will be up soon… Greece was my favorite place EVER!!!)


leonore said...

Welcome home!!
I had a hard few days when I got home and had to go back to work 40hrs/wk at a job I'm (much) less than thrilled with...but you're right! I'm only biding my time until the next big adventure!
I hope to see you again someday soon!
ps. Can't wait to read about arc 2 and see pics!!

Laura said...

Love your sum-up, Miranda, made me feel very nostalgic about my year abroad studying at Uni of Swansea in Wales, and my Easter blast through trip of Europe. What a fantastic experience! Everybody said that before I went, and I came to hate the phrase, but there really is no way to put it succinctly. Thanks for un-succinctly describing your experience! So fun.
look forward to seeing you back at ODF,
Laura Encinas