Monday, June 01, 2009

I'm BACK!!

I cannot believe that I did what I just did!! I just completely 16 days wandering around Europe! I have 667 pictures (after deleting duplicates and bad ones... I took over 1200 I think!) I have so many memories that I could devote 6 months worth of blogs to all that I experienced, but no one wants that...

Instead I'll leave it to your thoughts - How much of Europe do you want to see? A post for each day or a post for each country? I am leaning towards each country just for the mere fact that I'm off again in a week for more adventures and I don't have a lot of free time before then... but I will leave it to your vote.

To also give you something in this post (pictures are still uploading, so I can't give you them yet)... I will impart my highlights from each stop on our tour:

Paris -
1. feeding the birds out of my hand in front of Notre Dame Cathedral
2. The sight of the Eiffel Tower for the first time
3. Hall of Mirrors in Versailles Palace

Disneyland Paris -
1. Seeing it all through Phoebe's eyes
2. Space Mountain... being surprised by a loop AND corkscrew!
3. Animagique show! HAHAHA... only Phoebe and myself will fully appreciate the wonderment of Baloo in the Animagique show.

Amsterdam -
1. Starry Night at the Van Gogh Museum
2. Anne Frank's house and hiding place
3. Red Light District Guided Tour

Berlin -
1. The Greek Gods section at the Pergammon Museum
2. Schloss Charlottenburg Palace
3. Thunder Storm in 87 degree temps!!!

Prague -
1. Ghost Tour
2. its a beautiful city
3. giving fake names at Starbucks

Salzburg -
1. Sound of Music Tour!!!
2. seeing the Gazebo from the movie
3. Hearing the bells from the Cathedral where they filmed The Captain and Maria's wedding!

Munich -
1. A pretzel and a Stein of Beer at the Hofbrauhaus... I didn't finish the beer, but it was still awesome and there was even German Music playing!!
2. City Tour!! All the info about Hitler's beginnings in Munich and the resistance against the Nazi party in the city
3. Glochenspiel Clock

full posts soon to come!


Amy T Schubert said...

i want to see all the pics. and all the stories.
a lot

NanAZ said...

I'm still voting for the party with live narration.

Anonymous said...

Please, I want to see all the pics and know all the stories, too, on your blog or in person, either way.
Love, Aunt Etna

Aaron said...

as many stories and countries and pictures as you care to share. the more the merrier!