Monday, October 29, 2007

Weekend Parties!!!

My life got just a tad bit more exciting this weekend, with two days full of fun parties!! So if you are already friends with me on Myspace or Facebook then this will be kind of redundant, but you can still read the stories... for the rest of you - enjoy!!

First party was Meredith Childers Bachelorette Party:
(Sorry, can't flip this one) Meredith and I

Jessica and I

Jeannette and I

Nicole, Jessica, Me, and Meredith waiting for our table at the Cheesecake Factory

Meredith was so excited... the party was all about her!! So fun!

Opening Presents

Party games...

We had such a fun time laughing and talking and were completely exhausted by 11pm... how old me have gotten. Didn't sleep to well because I was sharing a bed... not fun for someone who is use to a full size mattress all to herself. We were staying at the Embassy Suites, which is such a nice hotel - right next to the Biltmore. It was a blast!!

Now onto Halloween... YAY!! Shawn and Nicole had their annual Halloween Extravaganza! It is always so exciting to see what Shawn and Nicole come up with to be... TAH DAH they were a Bumblebee and a flower... because bees pollinate flowers... and Nicole is pregnant... put it together!

I was someone random from the 1940's... or Kate Beckinsale from Pearl Harbor... or a stewardess... you pick

Mom and Dad were a gardener and a cowboy respectively

Tyler was Calmet from the musical group Pranczar & Vyxxx'n. That is quite the embroidered vest.

Andy & Meredith came as an engaged couple... =)

me and the bro-ham

Ashley was a ladybug... so precious! She is 21 years old TODAY!!! (Stupid picture flipping)

This is Shawn's friend Brandon from work... super cool guy. He came as Jim dressed as Dwight from the Office... with a cheap calculator watch and everything!!! It was awesome!!

Awesome treats... I took a Superman ring from one of the cupcakes.

My mom and I - that's where I got my good looks!

Misty and Jana... Joel and Misty got their costumes from the Washington High School costume room... Joel's costume is the male version of Misty's... while Jana was pregnant... she is in real life too, so pretty easy costume.

So that is a sample of my general merriment this weekend.


NanAZ said...

Looks like lots of fun. Your costume turned out great! I thought you only had a red or white top. Where did the blue one come from? Anyway, looks awesome!

Fun weekend! I'll bet you were exhausted by Monday.

Aaron said...

truly a trove of pictures. make me miss the 602 even more. kudos on the costume idea though -- well-executed, i say.

Becca said...

Your costume was great, Miranda. The whole 40s look is very becoming to you.

Holly Dee Butler said...

i wanna come play at your Halloween parties! radness!!!!!

oh and I totally look at your blog all the time! :) im so glad you look at mine too!