Wednesday, October 24, 2007

So the whole coming attraction thing will have to wait. I didn't expect this quarter of school to be so incredibly stressful. I am seriously going non-stop and when I am not at work I am sleeping. I think I am trying to fight off some type of bug or something because I am always tired. I even got a good 11 hours of sleep sunday night and by monday late afternoon I was ready to crawl back into bed. Can't seem to wake up. So here is my mea culpa post.

I can give you a couple pictures of my halloween decorations... got some candles and halloween plates from target and the dollar store respectively. I also have a strand of halloween lights, but alas I have not had any time or enegry to clean up house and hang them up.
So here you go.

and some dish towels


kristen said...

love it thanks for some pictures...hope work gets better for you and you can get some rest! Very cute stuff...I am going to try and scope out some sales for stuff for next year!

NanAZ said...

I like the stuff!

Maybe you should go to the doctor to be sure you don't have mono or low iron or something. Are you taking vitamins and eating right? I'm guessing not. Sorry to be such a "mom"...good to get it checked out though. Someone your age in the shape you're in shouldn't be so tired. That's for us "older" folks that are out of shape.