Saturday, October 06, 2007

A beautiful day in the neighborhood...

I am having a lovely day thus far. Although it is only 11:30am I have accomplished quite a bit!! I am having a yard sale. I am sitting out in front of my parents' house while people rummage through my unwanted items and give me money for them - one man's trash truly is another man's treasure. The weather is 64 degrees and breezy... quite lovely for phoenix and it is a good omen that winter is not far off. I love fall and winter. I guess it is because I love winter clothing... actually I just love clothing in general, but jackets, boots, sweatshirts, scarfs, and gloves are my favorite. I actually just bought a new sweatshirt the other day at old navy and later when I was looking through celebrity photos on I notice Cameron Diaz has the same sweatshirt - AWESOME!!
So what will I do with all my cash? probably buy more clothes that will one day turn into unwanted yard sale items... ah the circle of life.

It is moments and mornings like these that I thank God for my life... how truly blessed I am to have the things I have. I think I get so bogged down by work, life, people's expectations and how I disappoint them, and what I don't have that I think I need... mostly I get lost in my strong feeling of inadequacy and feel like life will never make sense. And then I sit outside on a day like today where the trees are waving in the gentle breeze, the sky is an unimaginably gorgeous blue, and my life is peaceful and I remember that God is who he says he is, and today as well as on my worst day, I am Christ in me. How awesome and truly safe that makes me feel. And what do I do in my pensiveness? Dream.

I hope today affords you the blessings that is has bestowed upon me.


NanAZ said...

Thanks for sharing Miranda. It was a GORGEOUS weekend, wasn't it? We were blessed to be able to enjoy outdoor gatherings both Friday and Saturday night and they were awesome!

I'm glad you're in my life. You are a special young lady...truly blessed with so many gifts and talents. Thanks for trusting God with your life and dreams.

linda t said...

Oh my sweet daughter, your post blessed me today!
I miss you but know that the Lord is doing great and mighty things in and through your life.
And I KNOW, that there are some awesome things up ahead for you. Continue to dream... and trust Him!