Saturday, October 13, 2007

Home at last

So do you like the new layout? I changed it because the other one was much less user friendly... with all the embedded text and everything. So these are my new digs so to speak.

I have pictures for you... of people from work. We had our graduation ceremony on friday night and afterwards a bunch of people on staff went out to eat at My Big Fat Greek Restaurant... the food was delicious (the waitress kept us there for 2 hours, because she took forever with everything we ordered - kind of frustrating when you're hungry, but we passed the time well).

Jimmy and his wife Bethany (Jimmy is Greek so of course te atmosphere was like home for him - OPA!)

Heather, Marie, and Brenden (Marie's husband)

Tom and I. Tom is not drunk... at least he wasn't when this pictures was taken.

Stephanie and Chris... What a cute couple... too bad Stephanie doesn't like her picture taken.

The whole group... aren't we pretty!

So I now have the new iLife '08 for Macs. The iPhoto is really sweet! I now have all of my pictures organized in the program. It organizes them with album covers and if you scroll over the cover you can see all the pictures in the album... it makes it so easy to find pictures that way.

Tonight was The Call's movie night. Our college aged group watched The Breakfast Club... what an awesome movie. I was thinking while we watched the movie about why this struck a generation and generations thereafter.. I think it is because in the movie these five characters got to do things and process things that so many teenagers longed to do and say... I also watched realizing that fashion has really come full circle... I mean Molly Ringwalds skirt and boots would totally rock any red carpet even today...

I am so excited to get to play with toddlers at church tomorrow... so cute!!

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Aaron said...

A post about Greek food AND 80s movie nights? You've hit the sweet spot, Miranda.