Saturday, September 15, 2007

truly relaxing with a small bit of accomplishment...

Lovely day today... I am enjoying the view of the clouds rolling in from the south... the sun is peaking out now, which is disappointing, but I didn't expect rain anyway. I'm staying at home today (as I do most saturdays)... but instead of watching a movie (which I normally do) I have been listening to music, reading Jane Austen's Emma, watching the food channel, and sorting through my CDs (my car can't play my iPod, so I need to get a set of CDs in my car to listen to), organizing my movies (by genre), also spent sometime setting up my Facebook account further (that part makes me feel pathetic)... then I started to work through my second bedroom... nothing huge and it is no where near where is will be. Right now it is merely the catch-all of my apartment... I need it to be better.

These are all things I have been needing to do, but haven't and so I decided to do them and get them over-with.

Tonight I am going to that yoga event at my friend's church... I am excited about doing yoga, but don't know how long it goes and how long I'll stay... I guess I'll just play it by ear.

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NanAZ said...

So how was the event?