Monday, September 03, 2007

Beach memories!!


I am now back from my weekend escape to the westcoast with a little bit of a sunburn, a bout of exhaustion and amazing memories of fun adventures!! here are some pictures... more to come from the other two cameras (Laura's and Ashley's)... but this will work for now.

of course... a picture of the CA sign... now entering vacation time

this staircase has been a fixture in southern CA scenery for as long as I can remember... I have no idea why it is there or where those stairs go to.

the sunset on the beach...

our first hostel in downtown san diego... just one block west and you were in Horton Plaza

Day at the beach - magazines, snacks, and the ocean in front of us...

I get freckly when I get sun

henna tattoos... from bottom to top - Ashley, Laura, me

After the day at the beach we played cards at our second hostel (the only one in california that is right on the beach)

We were actually playing a game called "jacks" which is a way of playing MASH with cards (you know MASH, the game where you find your soul mate... I'll take another blog to explain the game if you are all curious enough)... long story short Ashley's soulmate is Michael Cera from Superbad and Arrested Development fame.

the beach bungalow hostel on the beach... the room arrangement was quite interesting... I was in a room with all boys... haha... super interesting... since I went to bed before midnight that meant that no one else was in the room when I fell asleep but when I woke up, filled with young european/australian/and some american male backpackers.

After the long weekend this was me in the car on the way home.

More pictures eventually... as soon as Ashley and Laura email them to me.


linda t said...

Loved all the Cali pics.
Umm, in a room with all guys!
SO glad you had this time to kick back and vacation with friends... at the beach!

ATS said...

I love love the photo of you and the sunset... love the composition and the careless feeling to it ... love it.

kristen said...

how fun...more pics please!

Jessica said...

Randomly found your blog... I love all of your photos! So fun!