Saturday, September 22, 2007


had a pretty full week this week... if I wasn't at work I was watching Simon and Addy all day Wednesday and Thursday. It was really fun to hang with the kids for a while. We filled our days with disney movies, playing trucks, building forts, playing pretend, walking to the park, and visiting my mom at the church.
Here are some pictures of our fun...

Addy and I at the park

gotta love that face

Visiting my mom at her work... the church office

Simon, Addy, and I play a game called "Snake"... basically Simon acts like a snake and Addy and I act scared when he's around...

this eventually evolved into building a fort for the snake... Simon and Addy filled with stuffed animals, markers and paper, and blankets

1 comment:

linda t said...

Gotta love these two little skiddles!
Waay too cuute!
I still laugh when I think about how many times Ady told me not to break something.
She's a cutie-patutie!