Wednesday, February 18, 2009

keeping it up...

Okay so I have really nothing exciting to share, but my mom says I should keep blogging... so I like Amy's idea of just bullet pointing little updates...

- I am planning on tearing up my Instyle and Vogue magazines tonight and wallpapering my room... I'll take pictures.
- I am going to Oxford tomorrow for the day. I got in touch with a friend of a friend who is from St Louis but studying in Oxford... we have talked through facebook, but we are meeting and hanging out tomorrow.
- A week from this friday I'll be on my way to Scotland for the weekend. It's another one of those tours, but this one is over night and we'll be visiting edinburgh, the highlands, and loch Ness among other historical Scottish sights... I'll probably be thinking of the Williams family as I go. Mark would be jealous.
- I bought amazingly delicious strawberries and grapes at an on campus market yesterday and had them for breakfast AND lunch today with sushi for dinner (I feel healthy)
- I have been having 2 reoccurring dreams since I've been here... very odd. One if where I get home to Phoenix and realize I came home too early... that I either left before my program was even done, or before I got to do all the things I wanted... I can pretty much interpret that one's meaning easily. But the other one is where I am in public and less than fully dressed... apparently that is supposed to mean I am afraid of being exposed or that I feel incredibly vulnerable in a new situation. This one is giving me trouble, because those feelings must be VERY subconscious because I wouldn't say I felt that way. I have had each dream at least 3 or 4 times.
- I finished my 2 essays and turned them in... the second one I wrote I have been dreading but amazingly when I started working on it, the subject suddenly became fascinating to me!! I researched and wrote 8 pages in one day - amazing.
- I just talked to my friend Matt from Jr. High and he and I are hanging out in London March 7th and 8th. We're also surprising our Jr. High choir teacher with ME... she doesn't know I'm here and she's coming in to visit Matt, who lives in Manchester. It's gonna be SO MUCH FUN!!
- I also talked to my cousin Sylvia yesterday and I'm gonna visit her and Matt in London on the 5th or 6th of March... just for the day to hang out. Then in April, after my parents leave from their visit, I'm going to visit Matt and Sylvia for a week in Germany!!!
- My mom made me very scared of my pictures being lost or something, so I backed them up to my ipod and my external harddrive and uploaded them on anal much?

- okay here is some REALLY FUN NEWS!! I was on my way to my seminar yesterday afternoon and on my way I ran into some men outside the college shop. They were from Pynk Salon in London and were giving away this offer that was a £600 value for only £60! But wait! There's more!! They gave me a buy one get one free deal. So I got sucked in and bought the package, hoping I could talk my friend Phoebe in to doing it with me. She was an easy push-over... so here is the package. We get 50% off a hair cut and style making it only £35. Then for free we get an intense conditioning and shampoo and color (highlights or semi permanent color). But wait! There's more!! At another time we also get a FREE make-over and photoshoot with 4 costume changes and everything!! The photoshoot also is SUPER artistic... not just a portrait session! It'll be akin to a magazine shoot a la vogue. Check out their portfolio here and here. For the makeover we get champagne, a mini facial, hand massage, mini manicure, hair styling, and cool artsy make up. And with the buy one get one free AND the price of our hair cut, the whole package will have cost me £65. Needless to say the more I think about it, the more I am SO EXCITED!! We're gonna get our hair cut probably the middle of march, and then the make over after that. Phoebe and I will have be going to Camden Market again to find a couple cute edgy London looks for our shoot. I'm thinking something 40's style! Oh so much fun. I am also excited to get my hair cut! I'm in the process of growing it out... maybe just a few more inches, but I got an AWFUL hair cut before I left to come here... and even though my mom made it look much better with some trimming... it is still just awkward.

- I am so excited for Amy to come and visit and show her around London and other parts of England
- SO excited for my parents to come. Tonight I'll be working on our itinerary for their week here
- I'm in the mood to watch Oklahoma! but they only have it on VHS in the library.
- I'm gonna get started on my evening activities now.


Nicole T said...

i like the bullets idea and i loved the pics you sent me! thanks!

Amy T Schubert said...

love this idea. you definitely need to blog/record all the little things in between the big things ...

Jeannette's Blog said...

Forget Mark Williams...I'm jealous!!!! Although when I tell him what your doing he might curl up in a ball and rock himself to sleep...that's after he downs an entire bottle of scotch...cause thats the closest he will ever get to the "mother-land"!