Monday, February 09, 2009

25 things you may or may not know about me.

1. When I am feeling "bleh" I like to watch mindless movies. The movie of choice today is Twilight. It isn't very good and Kristen Stewart annoys me to pains, but it doesn't require a lot of thought, and when I am feeling sick or generally down, that is just what I'm looking for.

2. I am a horrible procrastinator. I should probably use this afternoon to be productive and work on one of my two essays due next week, but no. I would say "I work best under pressure," but that's just not the case... instead I'm just unmotivated.

3. I love stories. That is why movies, books, TV, people, etc all hold my fascination. It's because I love a good story. I even chose my college major based on this fact. As a history major, I get to sit and listen to stories all the time.

4. I believe I should be a writer. When I was little I would write tons of short stories... a lot of times they were about my dolls and toys and what-not. As I grew up and my love of stories grew, I couldn't help but firmly believe that I am am deep down inside a novelist. But unfortunately I suffer from a SERIOUS case of writers block. But, someday I will discover my story and everything will just come together.

5. I am a very devoted journaler. I have about 10 journals full of my thoughts from around the time I was 12 years old. I have some from before then, but they aren't very consistent, and let's face it, how much can an 8 year old have to say. But from 12 years until now, I have diligently journaled. Mostly they are just prayers, or thoughts, or ramblings of me trying to figure myself out, but they are pretty fascinating to go back and read through, which I do often. Sometimes I'm disappointed, often embarrassed, and sometimes encouraged by my words.

6. I love driving. Driving is one of my favorite things to do - it provides an opportunity to pray, process, and think for extended periods of time. It's also where I have my most compelling music performances... my dashboard is quite lucky to hear me sing at the top of my lungs all the time.

7. I LOVE MUSIC!! I have a constant soundtrack playing in my head shaping the moments of my life. I love all types of music (anything but reggae really, because reggae sucks)... I can have songs ranging from Eminem to Taylor Swift dancing through my head at any given moment. "I've often wondered how did it all start? Who found out that nothing could capture a heart like a melody can. Well whoever it was, I'm a fan."

8. I love getting dressed up. I always have... when I was little it took the form of dress up with costumes, in high school is ranged from theater productions to prom... the fact is I LOVE getting dressed up for something... formal or otherwise. I love doing my hair, make up, picking out my outfit and coordinating accessories and shoes. It's SO FUN! I usually pick an inspiration... lately for formal occasions it has been the 1940s and then I go all out. Hair and makeup is my favorite part.

9. I love sleep!!! I miss my bed terribly. It is seriously the most comfortable bed in the entire world. I am definitely a night person and can stay up for hours and hours past when the world is fast asleep, but I love when I get to crawl into bed. I love staying in bed until I absolutely HAVE to get up.

10. My comfort foods include: Mac n Cheese (velveeta if I can afford it), sunflower seeds, and smores ice cream by ben and jerry's

11. I love my niece Emolyn!! She is seriously the cutest, funniest, sweetest little girl in the entire world. She is so special and went through so much when she was first born, but God blessed her with excessive beauty to even it all out. I miss her terribly

12. My family is the very coolest family ever! I have two amazingly loving and fun parents who I can't imagine having raised us better or been better parents. They are very much in love with each other and that has made all the difference. My older brother is funny and clever and bring so much joy to our get togethers. He is also an amazing dad to his little girl and that is so much fun to watch. Tyler, my little bro, is awesome. I don't think I've ever met a coller young man in my life. He is so sweet and talented and creative. My sister Nicole is also an incredible blessing to our family. She is funny and intuitive and has been a great friend and sister! She is an answer to prayer. And then I already spoke all about "the peanut"

13. I love Christmas time! I always feel like it goes by too fast and that I missed it, but I love all the sights, smells, music, parties, friends and family time. Next year, I promise that I'm gonna be better about slowing down and savoring the season.

14. I love Disney! Disney movies, Disneyland, Disney music... all of it. I have completely bought into the entire industry.

15. My favorite physical feature about myself is my eyes. I have my dad's blue eyes and I think they are very pretty. My favorite personality trait about myself is my sense of humor. I like that I find so many things funny and can entertainment myself pretty easily as well as make others laugh.

16. I love having a deep conversation about faith or life or beliefs. My dad and I would sit and talk late into the night about things we believed or what the Bible said about this, or what we believe about that. I love sharing with people why I believe what I believe. I will pretty much answer any question you throw at me and would love to explain to you why if you really want to know.

17. The next big trip I want to go on after this whole England adventure is Italy, Greece, and Egypt.

18. My favorite books are: Redeeming Love, Persuasion, Jane Eyre, Peter Pan, Pride and Prejudice, Harry Potter, and Captivating

19. My favorite sound in the whole world is a mandolin. It is just such a cool sound and it gives me chills every time. I also love rain... and I fall asleep to the sound of a fan.

20. I love my church. I have grown up there and had my moments of wishing I could go somewhere else where not everyone knew me, but no having done just that, I miss my people. I miss walking in there and feeling safe and known and loved. I miss the "Open Door-isms." I love that we are just a bunch of broken people who love getting to know each other and love growing closer to our Savior. I love that none of us claim to have it figured out or have it together, but we "press on so that [we] may lay hold of tha for which also [we] were laid hold of by Christ." (phil 3:12)

21. I love my group of girl friends. I love that God has brought into my life amazing Godly women who get to show me what is means to live this life in HIm. I love that they affirm me and love me. I love that they let me tag along and soak up every bit of wisdom they have.

22. I can't go to sleep without making my bed first. Okay, so it's not full out making the bed, but the sheets need to be even and tucked in at the end of the bed. I also always sleep with 4 sheets on top of me... a sheet, a kitted blanket, a wool blanket, and a down comforter. Here in England I have whittled it down to 3 (sheet, comforter, wool blanket), but even in the summer the blankets remain the same, just the fans blowing on me multiplies.

23. I love pictures!! I love taking pictures, looking at pictures, being in pictures. They are so much fun!! I love facebook because I can go and look at people's pictures any time I want.

24. I love quotes!! I have a journal that I have started putting quotes in. Any lyric, poem, movie line, verse, anything that speaks to my heart I will record in that book. The quote doesn't even have to mean anything, I just may like the way the words sound together. Most of my favorite quotes are from CS Lewis and my dad's music never fails to evoke inspiration.

25. I love clothes. I LOVE jeans, jackets, and purses. I am always on the hunt for a good pair of jeans or the perfect jacket. I prefer to shop in thrift stores because the thrill of the search is always a pleasure, and I am pretty safe that no one will be wearing the exact same thing as me. I don't like shopping with people as much as shopping alone.

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NanAZ said...

Thanks for sharing, Miranda. I don't know how you sleep with all those blankets in Phoenix in the summer. Wow!

Often, I find myself singing a worship song in the middle of the week that we did on Sunday, thanks to the great work that your dad does with worship.