Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Sucky morning...

So I woke up to edit my 20 page paper... I finished and went to print, and my printer is out of ink. I'll now have to pay to print it at ASU in order to turn it in on time.
Then I realized my spanish professor failed to post our study guide to our exam today and so now I have to take the exam without knowing what's on it. PLUS: I was laboring under the impression that I was going to be done with the entire Spanish exam today. Unfortunately today is only the first part and the rest of the exam is next monday evening... SUCK!!
Then I drove to school (bike still out of commission) and I arrived at the parking lot closes to my classes only to SIT for an HOUR!!!! to find a parking spot. Then when I finally followed this guy to his spot, some lady (WHO ARRIVED AFTER I DID) tried to take the spot even though she saw my blinker and saw me following the guy to his spot!! I honked and yelled at her until she conceded and I got the spot. I subsequently took her license plate number in case I return to my car and she has keyed it.
I missed most of my first class because of waiting to a parking spot, so I just went to sit in front of my second class...

I am almost done with school and I just need to continue to press forward. England awaits!! I am almost there... just one more day and then two more tests.


linda t said...

Hang in there baby girl!
The end is in sight... and then we will party and play... till you leave.
Love you!

Laura said...

Thanks for your comment - I just saw that it was there! It is so encouraging to have like-minded friends who live life being vulnerable with each other! Thank you so much for being this kind of friend! We have amazing lives!

And about your blog - Disneyland trip this year was incredible! I'm glad we got to room together again...and I'm glad we flew over "London" together :)

You're almost done with school! And then the next time you go to a class - you'll be in London! AUGH! Love you, see you soon.