Tuesday, December 16, 2008

I'll update you in my excitement!!

So it has been a while and there is so much to share, So the easiest thing is in bullet form:

* I finished my last final this afternoon!! I am now DONE with this semester!! I am also done forever with Spanish!! YAY!

* I have my last day of work tomorrow morning! Then I'll really be done with everything

* I have not bought only 1 Christmas present so far... more to come though.

* I was approved for my UK Visa! I got the email 2 days ago. This is such a great thing. They emailed me last week to tell me my visa application may not be approved until after christmas, which would make it incredibly close to my departure date, and putting me in danger of not getting my passport back in time. But everything will be GREAT NOW!!

* I was also approved for housing... I'll be living in the Founder's Hall. AKA the castle!!

* I am trying to eat my way through my fridge and pantry content without buying anything new. I don't want to waste money... or food when I leave.

* I love that it is raining outside. It is preparing me for London cold weather (minus 15 degrees).

* I am excited for Christmas festivities this weekend...

22 days till I leave!!


Skerrib said...

Not sure what the inside's like, but from the outside that might be the best college housing ever.

kristen said...

The girls with think you are the coolest for living somewhere like that! At least I do anyways!

NanAZ said...

We're so excited for you! Looks like an awesome place to live. Can't wait to see pictures. Hey, be sure to drop by our house on the 27th in the afternoon/evening to see Amy & Andrew. I'm sure they'd love to see you.