Sunday, December 28, 2008

Coming Attractions...

Okay I have been horrible with posting. I seriously thought I was gonna have more time to blog, but between the the holidays and now the incessant packing going on at my apartment to be out by January 1st, I have not had any time to even download any pictures off my camera.

BUT you'll have so much to look forward to in the coming weeks!! For one, starting the new year, there will be a complete revamp of my blog to reflect the adventure I am about embark upon in 9 DAYS!!!

From then on out I'll have some pretty awesome stuff to post about. I just checked the weather for England and when I arrive in London it'll be in the mid to high 30's!! It weirded me out that it is so close that I was able to check the weather already.

So this is me just checking in to make sure you guys are not thinking I'm dead or something. I'll be back next year with some exciting stuff to share.


NanAZ said...

I seriously CAN'T WAIT! I just hope you're not too busy to post when you get there. Just remember those of us who are so excited to hear and see every detail of your adventure.

We'll miss you lots but are so happy that you're getting to do this.

Skerrib said...

Glad you're not dead!