Saturday, August 16, 2008

Miranda 1 Squaw Peak 1

Last night I hiked up Squaw Peak (or Piestewa Peak if you embraced the name change a couple years ago... I don't). It is pretty much a mile hike up stairs. Why did I do such a thing? peer pressure. I went with a bunch of my new friends from Grace Bible Church, who I know through my life long friend Kendra. Now, I am not a hiker... nope not at all. And when I was told we were hiking up Squaw Peak of all mountains, I was not hopeful I would see the top. Years and years ago when my cousins Aaron and Noel were visiting my mom thought we would all love a nice Arizona hike. I was around 10 years old and a bit of a drama queen so I didn't make it to the top and completely gave up half way. My cousin Noel on the other hand if I remember correctly basically ran all the way to the top and them back down to meet us and ran back up again... Squaw Peak won that round. But last night I brought my A-game. I was determined not to give in to the Mountain. It would be conquered. I actually yelled that at the mountain a couple times with my friend Betty. I was the last person up to the top and man was it worth it. We hiked up at night after the sun was completely down (remember a flash light next time Miranda). So when we reached the top you could see almost a 360 of the entire city... it was really amazing (and windy). But up to the north you could also see a wonderful Arizona dust storm rolling over that part of the city - lightening and everything. If it had not been so cloudy we probably would have seen more stars. It was truly worth the trek and I'm glad I didn't give up although for the last 20 minutes of the hike I don't think there was any blood reaching my legs.
The way down was way easier... aside from concentrating quite hard on not rolling my ankle and not missing a step. It was also made easier with good conversation with new friend Danny (who had a flashlight, thank you). We all went back to one of the guy's house and swam (my body gave up when I hit the livingroom couch, so swimming was not for me, but I watched and stayed in the activities). Didn't get home till 3am, but over all it was an amazingly conquering experience... who knows maybe I'll hike more. I'm sorry could any of you read that without laughing... yeah, me neither.


Amy T Schubert said...

You're very brave.
I would not have even attempted it.

kristen said...

what a great story! Sounds like Noel and probably Kennady when she is older. I would love a challenge like that as long as it doesn't involve running...i hate to run!

linda t said...

Oh Miranda, you make me proud, you hiker-daughter you!
GOOD FOR YOU!! Umm, seriously, IT IS!
Great story too!

Skerrib said...

You could always go hardcore like those people who RUN up it. Several times in a row. Crazy.