Monday, August 25, 2008

I am starting school tomorrow...

So over the weekend my outlook on school... and well life in general has changed. Quite magically I must say (although I think it's a little bit more than that). :). I am SOOOO excited about school tomorrow... I am spending the evening lounging and organizing. I got my desk and everything ready about a month ago in anticipation, but since then it has once again become the "catch-all" for misc. crap. I think it was the visual expression of my anxiety about starting school, but now I am so ready for the adventures that lie ahead of me and I can't wait to begin. And it all starts TOMORROW!! I am even organizing my back pack, which is something that is so exciting for me. I have a thing for school supplies and can't wait to get all my pencils and books and lined paper notebooks tucked away in my beautiful new blue backpack... I feel like such a 1st grader!! But I was reminded today by someone that backpack organization is an essential part of the collegiate process and although it was said with a tone of sarcasm, I'm gonna take him seriously anyhow. Part of my epiphany of excitement came with my Spanish textbook. I got it in the mail on friday, and as you all know it was my biggest fear about ASU... well I broke the shrink-wrap (which now makes it unreturnable and therefore binds me to the class) and was so relieved to find familiar words covering the pages. I remember how to read spanish!!! At least enough to get me through the first couple of chapters. I can't converse worth a darn, but I can read and therefore probably write a semi-coherent response... and with that little bit of knowledge I am hoping I can scrape by with a C-. This is all I'm aiming for because I have also been told "C's get degrees" and Spanish is the ONLY class I plan on getting less than an A in. So with spanish no longer my scariest part of ASU, another fear has moved up the ranks. This fear is that of completely crashing on my bike in the middle of ASU main and taking down unsuspecting pedestrian college students with me. I am having to resign myself to the fear of fall on my bike because I am a novice cyclist and I'm told people crashing on their bike in the middle of campus is a daily occurrence... the combination is inevitable.

So wish me luck as I trek down to ASU tomorrow to start my new life as true poor college student.

Now that ASU is finally started I can now worry about:
* Scheduling dentist appointment
* Application to study in England
* Focusing on classes I will take in future semesters
* Travel plans for Europe
* Disneyland trip with friends before year end
* Reading my text books

OH!! I bought a big book that contains 7 of CS Lewis' novels and I'm currently reading Mere Christianity... very deep. Hard to take in. I have to read it slowly... but it's good.


linda t said...

Congratulations, you are now an official ASU student!

So proud of you as you take off on the journey set before you.
May you study and make good grades.
May you never crash your bike on campus.
May you know our prayers are with you.

Love you.

Amy T Schubert said...


kidding, of course!

I love school. When we can afford it I want to go back for fun.

Good luck.
love ya.

Skerrib said...

Oh I LOVE school supplies! My backback was way organized in grad school...I had colored pens, mechanical pencils with twist-erasers, index cards, a stapler (my most-used item)...whatever else I felt I needed that week, and of course snacks.

It's true that C's earn degrees. Oddly enough, I think if you keep the healthy perspective that "good enough is good enough," you'll actually end up doing better than C's. Yay for you!

Thanks for the reminder--I need to see the dentist too.

Skerrib said...

I forgot the little sticky tabs to mark textbook pages and whatnot. Way cool.

NanAZ said...

How exciting! So how has the first week been!

I would love to go back someday. I don't care about getting a degree, but would love to take some things just to learn more.