Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Madison Marie Schneider!!!

My good friend Jeannette had her little baby girl this morning at 12:35am. Madison Marie Schneider came one month early, but is so healthy and wonderful. 4lbs 2.6oz!!! My friend Kelsie texted me from the hospital at midnight to say that Jeannette was being wheeled into the OR for a C-section. It had been an all day event with Jeannette going into the hospital and them (doctors) finding some complications that prompted them to make the decision to induce Jeannette that very day. They figured she could possibly complete natural labor so we were all sitting and waiting to hear when we could head down to the hospital. By we I mean "the girls". We all sat in the waiting room for Nicole when Emolyn was born and baby girl Schneider would have nothing less than the same support. So as soon as Kelsie texted me I headed down to Good Sam. Good thing I was awake... I wouldn't have missed it for the world. The only on missing from our group was Meredith, and we missed her terribly!! Check out the now traditional picture... then check out the original here

So Madison Marie was born and boy is she just absolutely beautiful. We all cried and cried and congratulated Matt (daddy). We then ALL followed Matt and Maddie down to the nursery and watched her through the window for the next 2 hours. What a wonderful evening and morning. It was such an amazing experience to be there outside the OR praying and waiting for my friend with some of the best people I know. Congratulations Williams, Youngs, Schneiders!!!


linda t said...

Welcome little Madison Marie!!
She is sooo loved!
Sweet pics Miranda.

Nicole T said...

you got some awesome shots! I love them at the window. Can't wait to see Kelsies video!

Skerrib said...

Ooooh, yay for teeny babies! Love it that dad & baby were both wearing hats.

NanAZ said...

Love the family t-shirts! What a fun idea!

What a great group of friends you have.