Sunday, December 18, 2011

Day 14: Goodbye Mossman...

Sad Day...

My trip to Mossman and visiting Phoebe was at an end. I will say that saying goodbye was easier this time around than saying goodbye in England was. At least this time we knew for certain that when we said we would see each other again, we weren't lying.

My flight didn't leave until the evening, so we spent the morning walking around Mossman Gorge again. Phoebe and I had been working on our Australian edition of a dance video and we needed a few more shots to complete it.

After our filming session (and yes people stared at us while we danced in a public place), we met Liam, Karla, and their other roommate Tara for lunch at Junction.

We then had little photo shoot by the ambulance. I had spent most of the time in Mossman hanging out with paramedics (Liam, Karla, and Tara) so it was only fitting that we commemorate our time with some pictures:

After lunch Phoebe and I headed to the airport. It was awesome that in Australia they don't have as heightened of a security protocol as in the U.S.A. so Phoebe was able to go through security and wait with me at the gate. So nice to be able to sit with her until the very last moment. We talked the whole time about planning her visit to the States and all the things we would do when she came - Disneyland, Grand Canyon, Las Vegas... everything. Then they started calling for boarding for my flight and the crying started. Every step to the gateway was so sad. When I finally was in my seat on the plane, I cried even harder (sunglasses in place to hide the red eyes from the strangers on the plane next to me).

Then I was on my way to Sydney for 4 days in the big city all by myself. The flight was short and the view down along the coast were stunning.

My shuttle transfer picked me up at baggage claim to take me directly to my hotel and luckily I had the van all to myself... unluckily my driver talked A LOT and had the thickest eastern European accent I had ever heard and I only understood every few words... our conversation was difficult at best. Finally I got to my hotel.
Note: I love hotels! I love having a fresh bed to sleep on all to myself. I love having a private room all to myself. This particular hotel had shared bathrooms though, and although they were clean, it was still weird showering in a stall. Upside, The Proposal was on TV! I had an early night ready for my morning tour to the Blue Mountains...

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