Thursday, December 15, 2011

Day 10: Camping (part 2)

The night of camping was absolutely gorgeous. We didn't even have to zip up the tent, it was the exact perfect temperature! The only strange thing was the wild turkeys that would walk by the tent and rustle to bushes. There also was the matter of our campsite neighbors whose children ran around naked... "crazy Victorians" as Phoebe would call them - any Australian tourists she claims are Victorians (as in being from the province of Victoria in southern Australia.

When all of us were ready to go, we headed for breakfast at the Beach House, which was reputed as the best restaurant near by. It was apart of a cabin campsite up the road. The food was delicious but the dining experience was not without its problems. The cash register was broken, when our orders were brought out (after a super long wait) they were wrong (luckily we were served more expensive meals than we ordered, but still charged for the cheaper meal), then the waitress spilled my drink all over the table and floor... poor girl was flustered.
After breakfast we began the journey home to Mossman. Along the way we came upon a Thompson Creek sign. YAY! Thompsons are represented in Australia! Below the Thompson sign was a Horse crossing sign that had been turned into a Unicorn... awesome!

Along our journey we took a walk through the rain forest yet again. I seriously feel like every rain forest preserve I walked through was a completely different world. Even through it is all the Daintree Rain Forest, I still feel like each section holds its own character and uniqueness that your can't find anywhere else.
This vine was once wrapped around a tree, but the power of the vine sucked the life out of the tree until it became dust. Not the vine is hollow... beautiful nature

Liam, Phoebe, and I

Liam and Phoebe kept telling me how I needed to have the most delicious tropical ice cream! We stopped at a stand one the way up to Cape Tribulation, but the plantation we stopped at on the way home was supposed to have the best ice cream. We ordered the seasonal sample bowl, which had Mango, Wattleseed, and Jackfruit. It was actually super delicious. Phoebe had been serving me Wattleseed tea throughout my visit and in ice cream form it is just as yummy.

the banana crop was wiped out by a cyclone that hit this area of Australia just months before my visit. So any banana trees are considered VERY precious.

Another quirky Australian roadside attraction was a memorial to a WWII bomb that was dropped near a tiny house. It is the site of the only civilian casualty in this area of World War II. It was dropped by a Japanese aircraft.


A lady always rides side saddle

The story
And on that note, our camping adventure was over...

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