Friday, December 16, 2011

Day 13: Last full day in Queensland

For my last full day in Queensland, Phoebe and I decided to relax and just spend as much time together as we could. Liam was at work, so it was just Phoebe and I on our own. We spent the morning on the beach enjoying the sun and Australian beach one last time.
Remembering what the water and sand felt like on the other side of the Pacific Ocean


Best friends!!
I loved how on this vacation I had the perfect balance of action and relaxation. After the true adventure of the day before, it was the perfect ending to my trip in northern Australia to get a day of wandering and relaxation.
We had lunch in Port Douglas and then headed home to wait for Liam. When he got home from work, the 3 of us headed to On the Inlet, a restaurant in the harbor at Port Douglas. On the Inlet is home to George the Groper, who is a large groper fish who they feed for an audience and it is a rather violet and thrashing process.
true love

The best Australian Host and Hostess a girl could ask for.

These were not all mine...

Oysters! super yummy :)

I actually still have dreams about this tuna steak

mmm.... prawns...
It was truly a feast fir for my last night! I will say that Phoebe and Liam really did wine and dine me the entire trip! They took me to the most delicious restaurants and I took the opportunity to order the best dishes. I have never eaten so well, or for so much money... but it was amazing!

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IronyandPie said...

Oh Miranda, it was SO GOOD to relive your trip again! We had such fun and I can't wait to return the favour when I come and visit YOU! I must say though re-reading the bungee jumping blog made me all squirmy and anxious - just like on the day!! Still can't believe you did it.