Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Elsie Lane...

Alright, so I feel that it has been over a month and so to share with everyone about the day Elsie was born seems a little fruitless... so I'll just tell you all about my amazing little niece Elsie Lane Thompson!
I was so thankful she was scheduled to be born. I loved not having to wonder when she was going to come and worry about missing it because of school or work. I woke up and was ready to spend a good part of a day in a hospital. Nicole and Shawn were surrounded by their friends and family that morning. We even got to all be together and pray with the doctors before they went into the OR.
(from left to right) Dad, Mom, Meredith, Sarah, Kelsie, me, Jeannette, Beckie, Jessica, John, Shawn, Nicole, and Tyler
my family (minus Emolyn - baby Elsie yet to be born)
  All the girls were there too and we got a waiting room picture, as is tradition with every baby that has been born in our group. This was the first time we had all been there at the same time since Madi, I think

(from left to right) Meredith, me, Sarah, Jessica, Tara, Kelsie, and Jeannette
Then we had our first glimpse of the little girl!! We still didn't know her name... she was so big compared to when Emolyn was born. 6lbs 5oz! Such a little cutie!
Daddy and his new little girl!
Meeting my new little niece... I cannot tell you how proud I am of my brother and his family!!!

She is JUST SO CUTE!!!!
After a little more waiting we got to finally see Nicole were formally introduced to Elsie Lane Thompson. I LOVE the name and have been rooting for it since Nicole mentioned it as an option! Emolyn came and got to meet her baby sister. She was asleep when she arrived, but perked up immediately when Shawn asked if she was ready to meet baby sister... the first words out of her mouth when she saw her as "She's so tiny". And thus life-long best friends met! The little Thompsons are complete!
Love them!
"Sisters, sisters... there were never such devoted sisters"
Emolyn was more than ready to hold her "big fat baby sister"
Then it was everyone else's turn to hold little Elsie Lane :)
Very proud aunt right here!
So since this moment she has been one of the great loves of my life!! I love holding her and can't wait till she knows I'm her aunt Miranda!
sing-along with Aunt Miranda time.

My E-girls!
Elsie makes the cutest sleeping faces and even when she's awake, she looks at me with the cutest little face and smiles sometimes :) I love her so much my heart aches!! Being an Aunt is seriously the best!

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