Saturday, July 26, 2008

Where do I begin...

Alright... I know I have been a terrible person!! I have completely neglected the blog and for that I don't expect you to quickly forgive me.

Let me bring you up to speed... first off, I have moved. It was a lot of work but I am comfortably tuck in on my couch in my new living room. I really am loving being in Tempe. I am close to work, I will be close to school when it starts. It's all great!! I also have a roommate. He name is Emily and she is so awesome! I will have to do a complete post all about her... sorry I don't have any pictures of her yet... you'll have to wait yet again.

Aside from moving I also went 3/4 time at work. It is on a trial basis this next quarter, which is a good thing because who knows how everything will go down with school and working 30hrs a week. I am excited though to have a steady income still. I also will still have my weekends free for homework and a life. I just found out this last thursday so it is all still new and relieving to know I have a job.

Speaking of the last couple days I have been in San Diego with Teresa, SImon, and Addy! It was a great vacation and very relaxing! I did get a little sunburn as the pictures will reveal, but they have already tanned out in a day. Here are some pictures:

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