Thursday, July 31, 2008

2 concerts in 2 weeks

John Mayer was PHENOMENAL!!! He is seriously such a talented, amazing musician and his concert was so enjoyable. He didn't do a lot of talking, her seriously just played and played music. His encore was 5 songs long!! I loved it. I also loved that he didn't play a lot of his overly pop-y songs like "Your Body is a Wonderland." (thank you John). He ripped on his guitar as one point playing it with a drum stick - genius. His first song of the encore was him playing the guitar and drums at the same time. What a show!! I really had a great time. I have to confess I was not a rabid John Mayer fan, feeling his songs were too over-played. But Shawn convinced me, along with John Mayer LIve DVD, that he is actually an incredible guitarist and overall spectacular musician. After seeing him last night it was most definitely confirmed. Seriously amazing.
Colbie Caillat opened for him and was also really good (song-wise) as for her stage presence - it was lacking. She still needs to figure out what to do with herself. But I like her as a song writer. Enjoy the pics.

Also, 2 weeks ago I went to the Joshua Radin concert. He was wonderful too. I love his music and this was my second time seeing him. He played at The Clubhouse which is seriously right behind my apartment, so I walked there. It's a small venue so we got a great spot right in his eyeline. I am not gonna lie, I think he was looking at me while he was singing. Then for his encore he came out into the audience with just his guitar and sang an old Bob Dylan song (the first song he ever learned to play). Well when he jumped off stage he headed straight for me!!! He sang his encore standing directly in front of me. He looked around of course at the other fans, but I seriously felt like it was just he and I in a private little concert. Be still my beating heart. Loved it.


brandi said...

Oh Miranda, you look smitten! He is cute though.

Aaron said...

you let your shot at rock and roll love slip through your fingertips? nevertheless, a fine, fine story!

kristen said...

I love your tank!

kristen said...

Oh and what a great show! Kennady loves colbie calliet! I feel the same way as you about john mayer but then i usually end up liking the songs after they are done playing them over and over!