Monday, July 28, 2008

ASU books

so I am full on ASU planning... super fun. I still need to set up financial aid student loan. Then I need to see about a possible scholarship I was looking into (the deadline passed, but I still want to call and see if grace can be given). Then I need my books. I looked at the ASU bookstore online and the books (when all added up) are EXPENSIVE... seriously looking at $500 for all these books. Luckily, I'm a clever girl and I looked on Amazon and found them all way cheaper - most are at least half the price, and some (especially from my "World of King Arthur" class) are only $.88, because their old Arthurian novels. SCORE!! I am still gonna see about Bookmans for the novels and hopefully get some good deals, but I am still excited to have brought the total down to within the $200 range. Books are expensive.

I am really nervous though about my Spanish 202 class. I hope the professors easy and I think I'm just gonna tell him/her that I only need the class for credit and I need to pass (just pass). Hopefully he/she will be forgiving. It's been 3 years since i have been in a spanish class. I think in order to prepare I'm gonna watch one movie a weekend in Spanish (a movie I know, so I can pick up the dialogue). That sounds like a good idea right.

I saw Mamma Mia a couple weekends ago and I just have say how much I loved it. I think I'm gonna see it again this week some time with my old boss Latoya and friend Jason from work. I have been listening to CD the last couple of days and just think it is so much fun. Granted, Pierce Brosnan's voice is terrible, it is still a great CD. The movie (besides making me want to sing ABBA all day) really made me want to go to Greece. Especially the Islands. What a beautiful part of the world.

I think I will have to do a vacation to Greece sometime in my life (maybe throw Egypt in there as well - they're close.


NanAZ said...

Great job on the book shopping. Your mom will be proud. I'm sure you'll do fine in the Spanish class. You're a smart lady.

I agree that Mamma Mia was a very fun movie and I would go see it again too. And the location is amazing...makes me want to do a Mediterranean cruise then I can see even more.

Skerrib said...

Don't tell the prof anything at first--(s)he might mentally classify you and it could create some unintended negative bias.

See what happens at first--I bet you'll do better than you think. :)

Great book bargains!