Friday, November 02, 2007

Feeling much better...

Went shopping after work this morning... needed some bridal shower gifts and a birthday gift. Also hit up the after halloween sale item. Bought a couple awesome halloween decorations then immediantly came home placed them in a box with the rest of my halloween stuff and put it on top of my closet. Bummer.

Christmas decorations are out and they make me so very happy! It has actually been feeling like Christmas the last few days - with all the decor, staff meeting this morning we spent time planning all the holiday parties for the campus, and the fact that I am sick makes me think of Christmas (bare with me here...) I usually get sick like this right before Christmas Eve so I spend Christmas morning coughing up a lung (if only you could watch the home movies!! hehe). Maybe the fact that it hit me early this year will save me the trouble of being sick during all the fun holiday festivities.

Watched the Office this afternoon... so funny!!!!

Tonight I am going down to "first friday" with Ashley, Shannon, and Laura for Ashley's 21st birthday!!! YAY! I may get some cute pictures of me with my new glasses!!

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Aaron said...

glad somebody was celebrating with the little sister. hope it was a rollickin' good time. and glad you're feeling better! back in the 602 in just a few weeks -- trashy magazine / random movie time with you and the sis?