Monday, November 05, 2007

Emancipating Elias

My friends Jeannette and Jessica are like sisters to me. Most of my high school weekends were spent at their house and their parents are like my second parents. Well, their dad, Mark, just published a book. That's right PUBLISHED a book. And it's a novel... which I consider a harded feat to accomplish. So the book is called Emancipating Elias and although I haven't read the book I hear it is very good: romantic, funny, the whole gamut. Very cool!!

Check it out at,,, and I can't wait to read it!!!

May I also note that is sold in the UK as well on This is so exciting!!!


linda t said...

NO WAY!!!!
I am SOOOO impressed! I now know an author of a novel! Cool!

Liz Johnson said...

Speaking of books ... :)
I work in the publicity department of Multnomah Books, and we're always looking for bloggers to participate in blog tours. Nancy H. passed your blog along to me, and I'd love to chat with you about blog tour opportunities. You can e-mail me at if you're interested.