Thursday, May 03, 2007

It is getting so hot outside...

I always seem to be caught off guard when summer rolls around... I mean I have lived in AZ all my life, but the heat always is miserably dissappointing to experience. I am a winter autumn girl... I love jeans and jackets and scarfs and bundling up in my house... but alas I live in Arizona. So I have become use to surviving the heat come summer time, but I still can't believe that we hit 100 degrees at the beginning of may unstead of waiting until actual summer time in June... ugh. So my solution this year to the heat... a hair cut!!

I just got sick of my hair touching my neck... and if you have ever met me you know that I abhor wear the same hair style every day, so a daily ponytail was out of the question... so I went down to Dolce for my bi-annual hair cut and had Kate (my regular hairdresser) cut it off... I was actually really surprised with the result because I did not plan to go this short... but what is done is done and I LOVE IT!!! I love how it kind of spikes in the back if I want it too... and after getting home after work last night and getting to mess around with it I have already discovered some really cute hairstyles I will be sporting!!

I worked at Southwestern University the past three days doing chair massage for all the students during their finals week... my friend Leah and I rocked the massage... I did this last semester for them as well and I had forgotten how fun it is. Chuck Hunter (my brother's wife's brother's wife's sister's husband - whom I go to church with) is the head students director there or something and got me the gig. So for three days students got free five minute massages! What a treat for them... they were so appreciative. Southwestern is a Bible college and so they all were sitting around where we were waiting for their turn and studying for classes like "Biblical Prophets" and "Old Testiment History"... very entertaining with questions being thrown out like "which old testiment prophet was called to marry the prostitute Gomer?" - I KNOW I KNOW!!! Hosea... thank you Francine Rivers! hehe. I also got to listen in a couple guys talking about churches around the valley... you'll be happy to knowt that Open Door was mentioned with positive comments about both John and Randy!!! SCORE!! I promptly told them that was my church and Randy was my dad... proud daughter!

Five of the girls I gave massage to were planning their weddings for this summer... it is true what they say about Christian Colleges and girls majoring in an MRS. Degree... but what can I say with the guys I saw. And yes Nicole the guy was there again... hehe... plus the guy I see around church every sunday (who I found out this week has a girlfriend).

Now I am getting ready for an evening with the fam!! Tyler is starring in a One-Act at school this weekend... the show is directed by his friend Noah... I am anxious to see it tonight! Tyler also rocked the house tuesday night I hear with his solo at his choir concert... he sang an Incubus song, but I don't know which one as I was not there (stupid work), but he was accompanied by pre-recorded GarageBand mixed music by Shawn!! I guess it was amazing and I will look forward to watching the tape!

I'm off now... I'll see you all later!


Aaron said...

Diggin' the short hair, lady, though must you denigrate our lovely Arizona summers? They are beautiful things, I maintain. At any rate, I think you should perhaps extend the free five minute massages to University of Georgia graduate students, should you happen to run into any.

Nicole T said...

so he was there... thats it! You didn' make a move or anything? Miranda I can only do so much for you then you have to take it on your own.