Tuesday, May 22, 2007

A chance at life again

I had my first migraine in 7 years yesterday... I use to get them all the time, but then I got braces and thought I was done with them forever... that until yesterday. I have discovered that I have two vertebrae displaced in my cervical (neck) region and I believe that was the culprit involved in welcoming the heinous headache. It came upon me at aound 10am and I couldn't leave work until 8pm, so I was miserable for most of the day. I came home put a hot wet towel on my face and fell asleep at around 8:30pm and woke up out of a comatose state at 6:30am... granted my neck is still dislodged but at least I don't feel like a dutiful little elf is inside my head pick-axing it's way to freedom behind my eye. So am feeling a renewed sense of life this morning.

The recap of the last few weeks is underway... now:

Shawn graduated from college!!!! YAY!!!! We all trekked out to ASU west to see the momentus occasion. Shawn's best friend Aaron even surprised him and flew in a day early from Georgia to see his friend graduate. It was so cool to see Shawn finish college. Now he is looking for a job. His degree is in Art (he loves video editing and would love to be involved with that creative outlet in some way). So after the ceremony and the many photo-ops we all went to Shang Hi restaurant for some delicious quisine. It was fun to hang out and since we all hadn't seen Aaron in 6 months we were excited to get to spend time with him. Both my brothers are actually graduating this year! So this coming week will be full of grad parties and other exciting festivities.

Then is was mother's day... what a great time! Shawn and Nicole came over and had brunch with us the saturday before actual mother's day... Sunday's are always hard for my parents because of all their involvment at our church, that they wanted to celebrate the day before. So Shawn and Nicole made these amazing egg sandwhiches they had discovered on the food network and we opened presents and then my mom, Nicole and I did what we love most - SHOP!! Our destination was Tiedemann's thrift store down the street from my parents house... truly an amazing thrift store with awesome clothes!! I made out like bandit with three shirts, two pairs of pants and a gorgeous vintage dress circa 1950's... all for the bargain price of $24.

Then that evening Tyler went to prom!!! My little bro - or should I say YOUNGER brother (he's 6'4") - went to his senior Prom. He went stag and acted as chauffeur for his friends and their dates, but he said he had a blast... He also got his tux at a thrift store and it fit him like a glove... we are such a bargain family!!

Last but not the least post worthy event was going to see Light in the Piazza with Nancy, Amy, and my mom. It was playing at Gammage and we all decided to make a night of it and go... when we bought the tickets 6 months ago we didn't expect to have a Phoenix Suns play-off game the same night (nor did I personally care), but I was with three HUGE Suns fans, so during the show Amy's phone screen would silently light up with the score. The musical was great... the Suns were not. But the night was memorable.

Sorry that this post was long in coming... but finals week at work and a new quarter starting has taken up most of my time... now that things have settled down I will stay more in contact.


Aaron said...

i do despise those little elves... so sorry you are to miss our gathering tonight, but hopefully that will be remedied by some meeting in the near future.

kristen said...

I had two when I was younger and man I still remember the pain...way worse than childbirth but hey you get an epidural for that to bad you can for a migraine!miss ya girl!