Friday, May 04, 2007

I have been amazed

Last night was Tyler's "night of shorts" performance... Students at Marcos in the advanced Drama class have an opportunity at the end of the year to write and direct a play that will possibly get chosen for a "night of shorts" to be performed in front of an audience... Then once the directors are chosen students from the entire school get to audition for the plays. Tyler was the lead in his friend Noah's play. Now Tyler didn't tell us a single thing about what his show was about except the fact that I may cry... well thanks Tyler. Each play is about 15 minutes long, so I am thinking they are going to have to really milk it for me to cry... apparently my brother is a genius and really milks it good... in fact he didn't have to milk it at all... the show was so well written and Noah directed Tyler in such an amazing way that amazed me. The show is called leaving and is about a young man (Tyler) reflecting on his life and the last 15 minutes of his life before he is killed... It was witty and prolific and poignant. Tyler did such an incredible job... I knew he had it in him, but last night it was genius.

There was also another show called Axiomatic... very clever. Several people are in line to get into a night club with a bouncer letting them know if they are able to get it. As the dialog unfold you realize the club represents heaven and the bouncer - a stoic St. Peter. Tyler's character from the previous play pops up and is able to get in due to his red card... There are several characters that are challenged as to whether or not they are able to get in, some chose not to, some are not allowed to. Through the amazingly intelligent writing they represent different life decision from religion to homosexuality to abortion. I know what you all are thinking... how did this show get to be performed? Because the writing was amazing!!! There was absolutely nothing offensive and the topics were presented but with no bias or specific standpoint... Really thought provoking. I loved it.

All in all it was a great night of theater. The performances are continuing tonight and tomorrow night if you live in AZ and want to attend... in the Marcos de Niza drama room $5 admission.

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