Friday, March 18, 2016

Will's Newborn Photos

For Will's Newborn Photos, we used Sarah Doyle, who has taken our pictures before. She is a dear friend and someone we trust so much to capture the magic and beauty of this season for us. She did my Maternity Pictures too up on Flagstaff in the snow, which was quite a production including a flat tire and a 4 hour delay hanging out at the mall being stranded while our tire was replaced. Needless to say it was harrowing, but totally worth it! I loved how the Maternity photos turned out!

Will's Newborn photos, were actually a gift to us from Sarah for my baby shower! We did them when he had been home just under a week and was just shy of a week and a half old. I banked on him sleeping through most of them and after some sway and rocking in our dark closet to calm him down, he was finally out and the photo session started. I know these pictures look amazing and my hair and make up were done and and the angles are flattering for my postpartum body (hello spanx!), but I can say with all honesty these pictures capture how the first weeks of Will's life FELT. I definitely didn't look this put together in my normal day today, but that first week of Will's life, I felt beautiful. The world was beautiful. The soft focus of life and hormones made everything magical and calming and full of love and snuggles and joy. Yes there were tears and moments of anxiety and frustration trying to get ahold of our new way of life with a little baby, but even in the midst of that, there was a wonder and magic to being a new mom and taking this little life into my heart and my home.

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