Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Living room re-do...

I am LOVING re-doing mine and Aaron's little home! It is slowly turning it from Aaron's home to our home. I put a lot of stock in making my house feel like a home and making sure I feel the most comfortable there. It is easier for Aaron cause he has lived there 3 years longer, so he knows the ins and outs of the place - the fact that there is a certain way to get the key out of the front door without spending forever wiggling and yanking it out, or how which windows open and which stick, or what is in the garage (I don't go in there ever). hahaha... so with every home project, it slowly becomes less his and more OURS! So this last weekend was our biggest project of the house - the living room!

When Aaron and I were dating and just started talking about marriage, I started asking him in passing about his house. I asked him about the paint colors he had chosen 3 years before and what his tastes were and whether he was willing to consider redecorating when we got married. Luckily he was more than happy to make a change. Through our engagement I started thinking about what I would want to do for the house and the stuff I would keep or change. The living room and main bathroom were the biggest projects in my mind.

The living room was a great room, but the color scheme was not my style and the curtains were just awful! 

this picture was taken after the curtains came down... take my word for it on the ugliness

Aaron and I started dreaming and we settled on the color scheme of our wedding for the room! It would be easy to incorporate left over decorations, I already have gray couches, and our wedding photos would instantly look awesome... so navy, gray, cream/white... and of course we'll incorporate the orange chair :)

here is the finished product!!

You can see the orange chair a little bit in the bottom right corner
Well... almost finished product. The pictures need to be hung on the wall and our fireplace needs a screen in front. I also would love more pillows to throw on our couches to make them look even more comfy. But it is now my favorite room in the house!

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