Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Morning grump...

Confession: One thing few people truly know about me is that I am a HUGE GRUMP in the morning!

I can sometimes put on a brave face if I am around people at a sleepover or when I am on vacation I might be a bit more pleasant. Otherwise, I am just down right mean and grouchy when I wake up on any given day. I LOVE sleep... like LOVE it. It makes me really happy sometimes when I get to go to bed early... crawl into my bed and cuddle up with the covers and drift off into the peaceful, stress free oblivion of slumber. I also LOVE sleeping in... like LOVE it. I love waking up naturally when I might need to wake up for work during the week, only to roll over and realize I can fall asleep all over again cause its the weekend! This is probably why the first few months of marriage were so frustrating for me sleep wise  because I had terrible insomnia... and probably why I love the sweet little white melatonin pill I take every night to make sure I get enough rest.

Anyways... enough about my love of sleep and back to my horrible attitude in the morning... my husband is  SAINT!!

He is a morning person. He will wake up at the crack of dawn to the wonderful realization that he gets to eat cereal (the only thing he loves as much as me). The thought of cereal literally pulls him out of bed in great joy and he will spend the next hour eating and reading articles online alone. He will then crawl back in bed with me just as I am waking up and try to be sweet and cuddle me and rub my arm... and what is he met with?

...Grunts, moans, sounds that an angry bear my make if awoken from hibernation. I roll away from him, whine about getting up... when he laughs at me, I scowl even harder at him and mutter under my breath how I hate life and that he is mean for laughing at me.

Then I get out of bed in a huff, head to the bathroom to start getting ready for the day. It isn't until closer to when I leave, when my hair is done, make up is on, and clothes are coordinated that I realize what an evil wife I am to my poor husband and how he is still laughing at me and taking it all in stride. He is a saint? He spends the day with a sweet, silly, funny, friendly wife and wakes up every morning to an evil witch laying next to him.

Love you Mr. Mertz! Glad I afford you so much amusement in the morning ;)

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