Monday, April 22, 2013

New Job and a what better way to celebrate!

I started a new job a couple weeks ago. I am finally in the field I have wanted to work in since I graduated 2 years ago! I work for a study abroad office in Phoenix :) It is a very prominent international institution sending thousands of student abroad all over the world each year. And the big perk is the office is only 15 minutes away from my house! I cannot tell you how much of a life change this is... an improvement I should say :)

I work as an admissions counselor for the study abroad program, helping people choose and enroll in the program of their choice. Whether they wish to study Italian in Rome or Art History in Paris or International Business in Barcelona, I help them dream of a life abroad! So much fun!

Granted it is my first week, but I know I will really like it!

I ended up with a few days off between switching jobs and so how else would I celebrate a new job? ... um... DISNEYLAND!

Ready to go in the park!

A glorious site :)

It truly is springtime!! gorgeous garden roses on Main Street!

Favorite tree in the whole park!

DREAM COME TRUE!! Actually not to finally sit on one of the porches along Main Street and people watch! Love this spot :)

Aaron was not pleased with how wet he got on Splash Mountain! First time on the ride and he was right in the front... poor guy :( Luckily the weather was warm, so he eventually got dry again

New Princess Fantasy Fair area :) A little Tangled in the park now!

Redwood trail! 

It will probably be a little while before we are able to make it back to our favorite place, so I am glad we got those two days in the warmth and sunshine to enjoy the park!

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