Monday, April 01, 2013

Australian Invasion: Phoebe & Liam's Visit Part 3...

When Phoebe and Liam were planning their trip, they were hoping to make it to an authentic American Baseball game... sadly Spring Training was a few weeks off, so no baseball games for us. We thought about Suns Basketball game, but they were only playing the Lakers while Phoebe and Liam were here and cheap tickets were close to $100!! But low and behold their trip coincided with SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!!

A great American pastime full of American Football, gaudy half-time shows, commercials galore, and fattening food abounding! Our friends Andy and Carissa opened their home for the big game and because it was the first Sunday of the month, we had Emolyn & Elsie with us! It was such a fun party complete with 7 layer bean dip, buffalo chicken dip, hot wings (or hot chicken legs in Andy's case), chocolate, brownies, and other yummy things! The unfortunate part is that I got a bad headache about half way through the game so I spent time in the guest room with the lights off trying to get rid of it... Elsie came in to join me for a while cause she missed me and we watched a lot of One Direction music videos... she is a big Harry Styles fan, even at 2 years old.

At one point I was outside with Elsie on the swing set and asked her to pose for a picture for me... this is what she gave me... such a sassy little girl!

 Meanwhile Emolyn did one of her very favorite things with her new best friend Kate - Baking! They made the most delicious brownies!

Sadly there were not a ton of other pictures of the Super Bowl party because there aren't a ton of picture worthy moments when you are sitting around watching football. One memorable thing of course as most may remember was that the power went out at the Super Bowl stadium and delayed the game for over 30 minutes... this was quite the nail in the coffin for Phoebe and I and we were happy for an excuse to leave early to take the girls home! ha!

The next day after Super Bowl Sunday was another huge event - LIAM'S BIRTHDAY!!! YAY! We celebrated with a trip to the Zoo! Aaron was able to get the day off too and came with us!

It was literally a GORGEOUS day in Phoenix! The perfect day for a trip to the zoo!

Enjoying the Native Wildlife on the Arizona Trail!
This is what they did while we filmed

Aaron and I... and a sleeping lion

riding some of the Wildlife

How does won properly ride a Oryx?

That night we took Liam to Dave & Busters to celebrate! Ashely (Aaron's sister) and Jess came with us and even Kendra stopped by to meet them. The perfect spot for an adult birthday - video games, ski ball, a bar in the middle! Winner! We had an absolute blast! We owned the ticket games and got over 7,000 tickets to spend at will in the gift shop. We played the wheel of fortune game, which is one round would spout out as many as 2,400 tickets in one go! Legendary!!!!!

Another fun piece of the evening is when we discovered that it is actually illegal in Australia to use your car horn unless it is a life threatening emergency! Aaron loved this little fact and then proceeded to honk the car horn along the way to Dave and Busters. You would have thought Phoebe was going to die from laughing she was so freaked out and found it beyond hilarious that we could honk our horn for absolutely no reason. I have not seen her laugh that hard in ages!


Dancing while the machine just kept spitting out tickets!

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