Friday, February 22, 2013


My big brother is amazing!! I could go on and on about all the many times he has been amazing throughout my 28 years of knowing him, but to save time I will focus on wedding -related amazing-ness :)

First off, Shawn is one of Aaron's best friends. When your best friend starts dating your little sister, one might be hesitant, but not Shawn. I think from the beginning Shawn has been our biggest fan! In fact, Aaron asked Shawn and Nicole the week before he asked me out if it was ok with them... not really for permission I guess, but more make sure Shawn knew how important their friendship was to Aaron and how much he wanted to protect their friendship in the midst of Aaron and I figuring stuff out. He wanted Shawn to know that even if for whatever reason Aaron and I didn't work out, that Aaron and Shawn would still be the same friends they had always been and Aaron was going to do everything he could not to hurt me.

Can you imagine how amazing that was for me to know and hear?!?! That meant the WORLD to me!

So when Aaron asked me out, Shawn and Nicole (even though they were out of town and out of cell phone range) drove into town to be able to call me and hear all about it! Then when I saw them, you could see how excited Shawn was about his best friend and little sister finally together!

As we dated and then got engaged, Shawn was a huge support in asking how we were doing and checking in with both Aaron and I about wedding planning, relationship stuff, and making sure we were doing ok. It was so fun to have Shawn pop up on facebook chat during the day to chat about wedding plans :) Ha!

Shawn is also a VERY gifted media and logo designer. He has designed several websites, flyer, and promotional art for companies all over Phoenix. He has a great eye for design! His company is called Ithaca Media if you want to check it out online or look at his Facebook page! He does freelance design for nearly anything you could want!

It wasn't a question that we wanted him to do all out stationary designs.

I wanted a suite of sorts for our stationary. It was kind of like branding our wedding, I wanted a logo that would run throughout all the pieces. My parents had a picture of a boy and girl underneath a tree with the boy playing guitar on their wedding napkins and they eventually made it into an ornament... I wanted something like that. So the first thing Shawn did was design our monogram:

I took the monogram logo and turned it into a stamp for the back of the invitation envelopes and for the front of the CD favor packaging!

After the logo was ready, we worked on the invitations. I am not one for the packet of information because usually throw everything away accept the date, address, and picture, so I figured we'd keep it simple for the invitation.
A postcard with our picture on the front and the information on the back. We then had our website details for people to find out more information about the wedding day events.

Shawn also designed our wedding programs! I love the different fonts and sizes to break up all the names and order of service. I also loved the rack card format, so it was front and back and easy to hold.

Lastly Shawn is helping us with our thank you cards... you can imagine the business of the first few months of marriage can be especially when your first month included Christmas, New Years, and guests from out of the country for a couple weeks. Needless to say, they are in process and per wedding etiquette you can expect them within the first 6 months to a year :)

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