Friday, August 19, 2011

Day 4: Lazy Day around Mossman

Phoebe had to work this day, so I was on my own from the time she went to work until Liam came home... so a total of 6 hours. I did a lot of relaxing. I read for quite some time and then for lunch I rode my bike into town. I had lunch at this small cafe recommended to me by Liam called The Junction. It was so charming, but when I grabbed a table and ordered my sandwich I sadly realized I forgot my book to read... no matter, I enjoyed people watching on the high street of Mossman instead.

My chicken sandwich with the most delicious Blood Orange soda!! 
Abandoned building in Mossman

The road leading to Phoebe and Liam's house

You can't see it in this picture, but the clouds rolling down from the mountains behind the house were beautiful!
When Liam got home we decided on a walk through the neighborhood while we waited for Phoebe. It basically was like a walk through the woods on a paved road. So nice out and such beautiful scenery.

The Liam and I started on dinner. He taught me how to shell prawns!
I'm kissing a prawn... disgusting little things

Dinner: Prawns in Squid ink pasta, garlic bread, and balsamic vinegerette salad.
Overall relaxing day at home :) I felt almost like I was living in Australia rather than just visiting.

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