Thursday, August 18, 2011

Day 3: Port Douglas

Sunday morning in Port Douglas there is the Sunday Market, which is a bunch of local businesses and random people set up stands with arts and crafts, food, drinks, and clothing. It is super crowded and quite the tourist crap, but it was a must. There were loads of useless items, but some definite highlights for Australian culture.For example there was a stand selling Cane juice, which is juice from the sugar cane plant they grow in Mossman. It tasted my sweet grass juice, but at the same time was incredibly delicious and refreshing.
this is how they made the Sugar Cane juice

delicious Cane juice! ... and Liam in the background.
Other treasures of the markets included pineapple "slosh". They called it Pineapple juice, but it really was basically all the pulp from the pineapple and little juice. It was still yummy in its own way.
They also were selling coconuts that you could drink out of and then when the juice was gone they would mash up the coconut for you to eat. I wanted to get one really bad just for the photo op, but then I remembered I don't like coconut, so that would have been a waste of money.

Just behind the Sunday Markets was a small park with a children's playground and the most beautiful views of the ocean! truly paradise

The weather was absolutely beautiful and we has brought our suits, so we ducked into the bathroom at Phoebe's work, changed into our suits and were off to the beach! I was told that the ocean water would be cold and with my experience of the Pacific ocean in California is that it would be frigid. Regardless, Liam and I decided we needed to run into the ocean, as I needed to get the full effect of Australia's coral sea. As my feet hit the water I discovered the water was actually quite refreshing and perfect!!!

After running into the ocean
The coral sea
Miss America pose

Running on the beach

More running

Traditional beach jumping picture

Enjoying the sunshine

This was such a perfect moment! I can't believe I was sitting on a beach in Australia on an amazingly beautiful day! Seriously the weather couldn't have been more perfect!
We waited for Karla at the beach to meet up with us and then we headed into town for lunch. I of course was in the mood for sea food and was glad we ate at a streetside restaurant with delicious prawns. I also had Lemon Lime Bitters with a hint of Vodka to drink... hey I'm on vacation.

Seafood dinner at a restaurant by the beach
This was such a perfect moment! I can't believe I was sitting on a beach in Australia on an amazingly beautiful day! Seriously the weather couldn't have been more perfect!
Before leaving Port Douglas we went down to the Marina to get some fresh Prawns to go along with some Squid ink pasta.
Liam eating his first twinkie
enjoying coffee and biscotti on the porch
Second best moment of the day
After much relaxing we started on dinner... and by we, I mean Liam. He is the cook in the house. Since it was sunday we delayed having our Prawns and squid ink pasta and instead had traditional Sunday Roast. One of the side vegetables was roasted pumpkin (which is not Australian, it was just delicious and I had never had pumpkin not in pie or soup form... so now I'm hooked).

After dinner I introduced Phoebe, Liam, and Karla to Apples to Apples! I brought the travel version along with me. They loved it and I have now promised to ship Phoebe the actual game upon my return :)

... Sorry for the delay in this post. Blogspot has been having trouble uploading my pictures... hopefully it won't be a problem anymore.

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